There Are So Many Reasons to Have for Celebration During the Holidays, a Paradigm Shift May Follow | Holidays and Vacations

***Have a reason to be festive during the holiday season! Does knowing that you’ve had some much needed vacation time, enough to get introspective about your life have you deciding you want to get out of the usual routine of how you are doing things? Why? Can it be because you want to be happier, plan better for the future, work less, spend less, or simply to do more of what your spirit finds happy and blissful? Well, downtime, or vacation time is usually the time where paradigm shifts begin to formulate, in your brain, thoughts that are life changing can sometimes simply be outstanding and truly amazing!There are so many reasons to have for celebration during the change of season, end of the year, recognition of the holy birth and more reasons for celebration.Whether you decide to celebrate at home, on vacation or make a new plan at another location, be sure to celebrate the holidays with a bit of nostalgia for what life has brought you. *** Now, more than ever before is a time to be nostalgic in these times of renewal, regeneration and rebirth. Yes, the end of the year is a time to be clear about what you want to bring to yourself for the coming new year.***Now that 2016 is NEARLY over, it’s a great time to think of a myriad of out-of-ordinary things to do to enhance your joy and enlighten your spirit. Have a reason to be happy, make this a festive occasion for celebration, holiday seasons are the best time to reflect or capitulate upon opportunities for change and of renewed energy. Make this season a reason to be more festive; decide you’re going to invest in a paradigm shift for a better outcome in 2017!

It has been stated many times, that if you change yourself, your thinking, your daily routine and your actions, you actually change the trajectory of the paradigm of where you were headed to a paradigm shift of where you want to go.So you ask: What is a paradigm shift? Simple answer: It is when at a given time, for no particular reason, or rhyme you decide to change your thoughts from I CANNOT do something to I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!Really, in layman’s terms it means a time when you decide to change your routine and step away from your usual ways of thinking about how you do things and decide to change by doing something that is different with the intention that it’s for your greatest, highest and best possible outcome. It involves risk to change, though what reward in life do you have unless you deviate from routine? With routine you get predictable results; decide to go out of your routine and into a new paradigm shift. Open the door, with your new thought process,decide to seek and expect new, higher, and better possible outcomes!As far as New Year’s Resolutions are concerned, I think it’s a great idea! There’s a new date on the calendar, complete with a new year, so go on get started! Celebrate a paradigm shift with new thoughts releasing renewed energy to put the thoughts in motion, take the steps and prepare your mind for inviting a get a new career into your new life. Release old friendships that are no longer healthy, call your long, lost relatives or learn how to country line dance, the World is your oyster!Here is a list of suggestions for you and me too:Clean out closets from empty shoe boxes or clothes that you haven’t worn in 1 year or more.Repair, recycle or revisit jewelry box content, give away jewelry to family members, friends or donate to someone who can wear those red heart earrings that you haven’t worn in 15 years. You know what I mean? We all have some ugly jewelry that needs to leave our homes and should have left the minute we only wore them once… Same for our watches that are too old and haggard to be worn again.

Kitchen cabinets filled with too many dishes or too many pots and pans: Some don’t even have handles anymore, but we still keep them in cabinets or drawers taking up valuable retail space.Spice rack: Too many old spices, or spices that need to be consolidated, get rid of the excess and feel better with less clutter in your kitchen.Too many old, unused or out-of-date electronics, ie., old clocks, radios, televisions, CD’s and well, you know what I mean. Donate them, give them away or contact a women’s shelter in your area to pick them up. One person’s things, gone unused can be used by another person during their hour of need for everyday living.You get the picture, I just looked around my home to see how I can change my pattern and invite new ideas, actions, things and allow more positive things to be released into my life by inviting a paradigm shift in my focus, thoughts and intentions.Have a happy holiday and enjoy your festivities with vigor and renewed thoughts!I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!